Company about Telux Glasproducts- & Components GmbH

Since more than 300 years the face and character of the city was stamped by the glass production. Extended forest and park areas with many small lakes and available sand mines were the base for the development of glass production in Weißwasser. In the Twenties of the century Weißwasser was one of the biggest glass centers in the world. What the nature gave us playfully hundreds of years ago and what has been refined through years of craftsmanship, is being continued today and will continue in the future.

Science and technology made glass in the last hundred years into an active material of aur time, with amazing consequences for the future, glass, that is made according to excellent quality levels, on the base of scientific research with highest precision and productivity - TELUX stands for this. As in the city of Weißwasser, largest industrial employer TELUX is strongly committed to the local community and has close links to universities, schools ond colleges and take an active interest in supporting local charities.

TELUX is developing glasses and investing in innovative technologies. For that reason high efficient melting tanks, equipped with up-to-date environment protecting firing and waste gas systems are available as well as state of the art manufacturing technologies.

TELUX is producing a wide range of hard glass and Iead glass tubings, glass bulbs, solder glass and other gloss designs, mainly used by manufacturs of Iamps and color picture tubes.

TELUX as a private und independent glass manufocturer is able to concentrate the activities to guarantee short running times from offer of products through production and delivery. A high and stable quality range, certified products und fast availability in connection with local technical support - this is the policy of TELUX - where customers satisfaction comes first.

TELUX is specially concentrating on the following products


Hard Glass Bulbs for:

  • Metal Halide Lamps
  • Mercury Vapor Lamps
  • High-Pressure Sodium Lamps
  • Reflector Type Lamps

Hard Glass Tubing for:

  • Halogen Lamps

Lead glass tubing for:

  • Normal Lamps

Lamp Bulbs for Special Lamp


Solder Glass for:

  • mechanical tight connection of Panel and Funnel

Lead Glass tubing for:

  • Neck forming

Glass Necks for:

  • application of Electronic Gun

High-Tech for the glass tubing process

TELUX glass makers are excellent masters of their craft. Nevertheless they are still making strong efforts to find out new glass characteristics and to develop new and more efficient methods of processing.

Allied with scientific research we are successful in producing hard glass tubing in a new manner.

TELUX maintains a full staff of technicians to develop and improve glass products. Based on their experience and teamwork as well as their capability to create innovations it was possible to develop the new hard glass tubing glass 450, within less than two years.

We are dedicate to comply with the request and demands of our customers. We simply rely on a good partnership. We are always guided by our motto: ”Quality bound by tradition”.

Total customer satisfaction is our most important goal. This is achieved by keeping our eyes wide open for new technologies, competitive factors, market trends and most importantly, to customer needs.

Maintaining this unwavering focus for over 100 years has made TELUX a partner in technical glass application – the name TELUX look to for quality, performance and service.